Rice Creek Covenant Church
Rice Creek Covenant Church
Love God. Love Others. Where Discipleship and Hospitality Meet





Rice Creek Covenant Church was planted in 1991 by Salem Covenant Church. We are a multi-generational church with a blended worship service. Contemporary and hymns. Reading of Scripture. Lighting of candles. Almost Teen Moment. Prayer. Message. Benediction. 



For Covenant people, our essential beliefs are summed up in what we call Covenant Affirmations:

  • We affirm the centrality of the word of God.
  • We affirm the necessity of the new birth.
  • We affirm a commitment to the whole mission of the church.
  • We affirm the church as a fellowship of believers.
  • We affirm a conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit.
  • We affirm the reality of freedom in Christ.

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"‘You must love the Lord your God’, replied Jesus, ‘with all your heart, with all your life, and with all your mind. This is the first commandment, and it’s the one that really matters. The second is similar, and it’s this: You must love your neighbor as yourself." 



/  Matthew 22:37-39 (nte) /


Mission Statement 

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Love God. love others.

Our Mission Statement comes from Matthew 22:37-39, where we are commanded to Love God, and Love Others. 

Rice Creek Covenant Church is a place where Discipleship and Hospitality Meet.